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Types of Avatar

                                Types of Avatar

Lord Vishnu has taken innumerable number of incarnations.  Or we can say, the number of incarnations is infinite. The number of incarnations of The Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna is like the number of waves in ocean -infinite.   He has taken avataar in all the species of life.  Among the foremost incarnations, we know about fish, pig, varaha, narasimha, vamana, parashurama, sreerama, balarama, buddha and kalki.  So, we are familiar with the ten avatar's of Vishnu.  But I am going to tell you about the different types of incarnations (avatar).  In which category each avatar will fall. 

We all have heard about different incarnations (avataars) of Gods.  Do we know what they actually represent?  Here is a classification of different types of incarnations in general.

1. Purusha avatar 

These are also known as original avatar of Vishnu.  Examples of purusha avataar are  Kaaranodakasayi Vishnu, Garbhodakasayi Vishnu  Ksheerodakasayi Vishnu, Anirudha etc.

2. Guna avatar

There are three guna avatar.  Each guna avatar represents one guna.  It is represented by the trimurthis i.e trinity.  Satvik gun is represented by Lord Vishnu, Rajo guna is represented by Lord Brahma and Tamo guna is represented by Lord Siva.  Thus we have three guna avatars namely - Brahma, Vishnu, Siva.
Satva guna represents goodness, rajo guna represents passion and tamo guna represents darkness or ignorance.

3.Leela avatar

Each leela avatar is famous for its leela.  Lord Krishna is a leela avatar.  The main objective of Lord Krishna's incarnation is to have pastimes with his devotees.  Examples of leela avatar are Krishna, Narasimha

4. Shakthyavesha avatar

When the Lord does not appear on his own, he sends some one else to represent God.  Parashurama is the best example of Shakthyavesha avatar.  Lord Buddha is also considered a Shakthyavesha avatar.

5. Manvanthara avatar

One manvantharam is equal to 1/14 th of a Kalpa.  Each manvantharam has one particular avatar i.e manvanthara avatar. So there are infinite number of such avataars.

6. Yuga avataar

Each yuga has got its own avatar 
The first four avatars of Vishnu came in Satya yuga, the Golden age.  The next three appeared in Treta Yuga.  Then came the Eighth and Nineth in Dwapara yuga.  It is quoted in scriptures that Kalki will appear in Kali yuga.

7. Gupta avataar

Apart from all these we have secret avatars from time to time.

All the avatars are predicted in the scriptures such as Srimad Bhagavatam and various Purana.

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