Monday, February 17, 2014

Narasimha Mahamantram

Powerful mantra for protection.

As an Indian, all of us have heard about Narasimha.  Haven't we?  So, I need not describe about "who Narasinga is ?" or the story behind this powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Such an act will surely be boring.

Even though the name is so familiar, the incarnation is familiar and the story is popular; still we all feel a little reluctant to pray to Lord Narasimha.  At first, I too did not know how to pray to Lord Narasinga.  I just felt some sort of fear upon seeing the diety.   Later, I realized that we can pray to Lord Narasimha to clear all obstacles. 

Actually, The Narasinga incarnation of Lord Vishnu can be pleased easily and any wish that is asked to Lord Narasinga will surely be fulfilled.  This is not only my experience but many of my friends who are devotees of Lord Vishnu have experienced this.

Nrisimha Maha Mantra in English

Ugram veeram mahavishnum,
Jwalandham sarvathomukham,
Nrisimham bheeshanam bhadram,
Mrithyur mrithyum namamyaham.

After the killing of the Demon King Hiranyakashipu, all the Gods and Goddesses were afraid to approach Narasimha - as the Lord was looking so wild.  Every one asked Lakshmi Devi to approach the Lord and calm him.  But it was not successful.  So they asked Prahlad to approach Narasimha and please him.   The story shows that Lord Narasimha can be pleased easily by a devotee.

The Narasimha Maha mantra sloka  is the prayer which can protect a person from all the obstacles in this world.  The mantra is really powerful.  If chanted regularly you can experience great changes in your life.

Nrisimha Maha Mantra in Malayalam

The lyrics of Narsimha Maha mantra in malayalam

ഉഗ്രം വീരം മഹാവിഷ്ണും 
ജ്വലന്തം സർവതോമുകം
ന്രിസിംഹം ഭീഷണം ഭദ്രം
മൃത്യുർ  മൃത്യും  നമാമ്യഹം 

So make it a practice to chant Narsimha Mahamantra regularly and experience the difference.

Remember to be a vegetarian on days when you chant this prayer.


  1. very useful mantra! Thanks a lot, can you please provide mahalakshmi stotram ?

  2. Yes, I can attest to this. I lost excess weight by chanting this mantra. :-) The weight has stayed off and I feel healthy and energetic.