Friday, September 20, 2013

Different names of Lord Krishna with meaning

Are you in search of a name of Lord Krishna?  Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu is known by infinite names.  Get the relevance and meaning of each name from here.  This is a humble attempt to list the numerous names of Lord Krishna.

1.Vasudev - The God within.

2.Balgopal - Krishna in childhood.

3.Devakinandan - Son of Devaki.

4.Krishna  - One who attracts everything.

5.Hiranyagarbha - Creator.

6.Lakshmi kanthan - Lord of Goddess Lakshmi.

7.Manmohan - The one who is pleasing to all.

8.Manohar - The beautiful Lord.

9.Shyam - Lord who is dark in color.

10.Paramatma - Lord of all souls.

11.Murli - The one who plays the flute.

12.Jagannath - Lord of the Universe.

.13.Dwarakadeesh - The Lord of Dwaraka.

14.Navaneethachora -  Butter thief.

15.Parthasarathy - Charioteer of Partha (Son of Pritha i.e Arjuna).

16.Narayaana - Four handed Lord with conch, discuss weapon, mace and lotus flower.

17.Madhusoodhana - One who killed demon Madhu.

18.Kesava - One who killed the demon Kesi.

19.Radhavallabh - Lover of Srimati Radha

20.Govinda - Lord of all senses.

21.Gopala - One who takes care of cows.

22.Damodhara - One who is tied in the stomach by rope.

23.Narasimha - Half man and half lion.

24.Hari -joy.

25.Murlidhar - One who is always seen with the flute.

26.Murlimanohar - One who is beautiful with the flute.

27.Padmanabha - One who has lotus naval.

28.Achyuta - One who is never fallen.

29.Nandakumara - Son of Nanda.

30.Rishikesh - Lord of all senses.

31.Madhav - Husband of Goddess of  fortune.

32. Mukunda - One who can grant liberation or moksha.

33. Gopinath - The Lord of the gopis.

34. Giridhari - One who lifted the Govardhan hill.

35. Madana mohanna - One who is the most attractive.

36. Murari - One who destroyed mura.

37. Vishnu - One among the trinities

38. Ram - Lord Ram Himself.   

                                                                               to be continued..............

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