Saturday, August 15, 2015

How to overcome Anger, Pride, and Jealousy?

Anger is common among us and a wide majority of us get angry often.  But, we may think – “I am not a proud person” or “I don’t get envious”.  Wait a minute, the moment your boss appreciates your colleague more than he deserves; you can see yourself getting irritated.  “Oh! He doesn’t deserve that much praise."  So anger, pride and jealousy are all there within most of us.  We need to overcome it by changing our attitude.

Anger can be controlled by tolerance.

How will I get tolerance?

Tolerance is the result of forgiveness.

And one who cannot forgive is full of pride.


Pride will bring great lose to us.  When we become proud we think that we are the best.  That means Krishna is not the Supreme but I am the Supreme.  So in order to correct us, Lord will give us a lesson.  He may take away everything we have and then we may realize and correct ourselves.  He is the cause of all causes – Sarva Kaarana Kaaranam ( Brahma Samhita). 

Iswara Parama Krishna Sachidanantha Vigraha
Anaadiradir Govinda Sarva Kaarana Kaaranam

When we understand that God is Supreme and we are nothing in front of Him, then our pride is gone.

Pride in victory or moroseness in defeat is useless.  One should fully depend on the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is responsible for the victory and defeat of all living entities – Srimad Bhagavatham 6.12.7 by His Divine Grace A.C.Bhakthivedantha Swami Srila Prabhupad


Our life is the result of our own karma.  Someone else life depends on their karma.  Our karma does not depend on their karma and vice versa.  Today you may be the winner.  That is the result of your karma.  There is no use in being proud.  The next day your friend or colleague may be the winner.  That is the result of their karma.  Now there is no use in being jealous.  Jealousy is often seen among those who are having similar nature.  When we are jealous we may wish bad things to happen to them.  So the best way to overcome jealousy is to wish good things to happen to them.  Include them in your prayers.  Pray to the Lord to show them the right path.  You can seen miraculous changes happening.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead is unlimited.  His mercy is also unlimited.
“If Krishna is giving his mercy to one person today, then He may give his mercy to me also on some other day.  He is the reservoir of all opulence – wealth, strength, beauty, fame, knowledge and renaissance.  Krishna’s reservoir is not limited like our bank balance.  From our account if we reduce an amount, the balance is a lesser amount.  But for Krishna, the reservoir is not reduced upon giving as mentioned in Isopanishad.

“Om poorna matha poorna mitham poornath poorna muthachyathet poornasya poornamathaya poornamevavashishyathe”.

 So if God is giving to one person today.  He will also give to me tomorrow when I am in need or when I become eligible for that.  Each one has his own identity and position in Lord’s world.  So I will surely get my share and position.  Krishna’s love and mercy is unlimited.  He will love me and the other person equally.  So there is no use of envy” – Practice thinking like this and your envy will surely be gone.

We may search for tips to overcome negative traits like anger, pride, envy etc from our character.  But most of the search results may prove to be philosophical.  Practice the tips given above and you can see wonderful changes in your character and behavior.  Do practice and send your feedback.

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