Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Do you believe in soul?

"Do you believe in soul?  What if there is no soul and we have only this life?  So let's enjoy it to the maximum".  This was the opinion of one of my friends.  I found it very difficult to convince her, although I was absolutely sure about the existence of soul.

Just think of your family relations.  We love all our family members - parents, grandparents, kids.  We are ready to sacrifice anything for them.  When something bad happens to them, we suffer a lot.
But suppose your grandfather suddenly dies one day.  What will you tell others?  You need leave from office and you go to your boss.  What will you tell him?


"Sir, I need leave as my grandfather passed away."

When you reach home the body is kept there.  Then why did you tell your boss that your grandfather left?  The body is already there.  This is the body which you loved for years.  Still you are lamenting and telling that he left.  If your grandfather was that body then why do you cry.

So who has left?  As the body is still there.  It is something else that has gone.  That is the soul.  When the soul has gone the body is of no use.  So we do not keep the body with us even if that is the body which we hugged and kissed all these years.

The body is of no use when the soul has left.  So we consider that our original identity is the soul.  Each one of us has got a soul.  It is eternal.  The soul cannot be injured, burned or drowned.  No one can cause any harm to the soul.  So we need not lament on some soul leaving his body.  Even if the soul leaves his body he will get another new body.

Hope the idea of the existence of soul is clear now.  If you still have doubts you can get more examples from

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