Friday, June 20, 2014

Thought for the day

Last week I visited a nearby Krishna temple.  The poojari of this small temple is famous for his devotion.  He is not money minded and gives almost all of the dakshina which he gets to his assistants.  

In a casual talk, he said that the Lord Sri Krishna is our creator. So he will be concerned about us and will be our well wisher.  He will give all of us the very best than we can ever imagine.  After reciting all the mantras and doing kirtans and bhajans, visiting temples daily; if we cannot help the needy, there is no use.  As we start chanting mantras, the Lord within us - the Paramatma - will help us to be peaceful and we will be able to identify the Lord within others as well. 

So as chanting progress, we must be able to understand the needs of the suffering and help them as well.  I am sharing it here with my friends so that we all can implement this philosophy in our life.  I am sure this thought if implemented can bring great changes in our life.

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